Regional Fedora Hubs:
Interaction Design Process

Company: The Fedora Project


Role: Lead User Researcher


Artifacts: Process flow diagram,  Presentation


This presentation and handout are intended to provide guidance to folks who are new to UX, and allow them to apply UX processes to their own projects.

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Company: The Fedora Project


Role: Lead User Researcher


Artifacts: Contextual Interviews, Whiteboards, Affinity Maps.



  • Understand Fedora Hubs and the contexts within which a meetup-like feature could be integrated.

  • Identify pain points of contributors around events and social activities within the Fedora community.


Success criteria

  • Identify the highest priority problems to work on

  • Propose possible solutions to those problems for the design and iteration phases.

Company: VA Center for Innovation


Role: Volunteer Interaction Designer


Artifacts: Whiteboard, Redesigned forms




  • Redesign the PTSD forms to better support the veterans who need to fill them out.

  • Inform veterans who do not need to fill them out

  • Include instructions where they are relevant, rather than all at the top.


Success Criteria:

Provide the VA with options for improving the usability of their forms.

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Company: The Fedora Project


Role: Lead Interaction Designer


Artifacts: Flowcharts, Sketches, Mockups, Prototypes



  • Create and iterate on sketches and wireframes based on the problems defined in the research and analysis phase

  • Use low and medium-fidelity prototypes to identify development and user roadblocks.


Success Criteria

  • Stakeholder agreement on the direction of the design project

  • Interitive improvements to address user pains during usability testing

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