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My Work

Company: Indeed

Role: Associate User Researcher


  • Understand the attitudes of Canadian and British employers toward ID and document verification of their business

  • Using existing knowledge about the attitudes of US employers, explore the reasons for these attitudes and learn about contributing cultural differences

Success Criteria:

  • Understand what works and what does not work for Canadian and British employers around verification

  • Recommend changes and further work


(5 minute read)

Class: Foundations in Human Factors (HF700)

Artifacts: 5 Page Design Review Paper


  • Understand the human factors affecting low level perception

  • Relate these factors to a design case

Screenshot (247).png

(15 minute read)

Company: The Fedora Project


Role: Lead User Researcher


Artifacts: Contextual Interviews, Whiteboards, Affinity Maps.



  • Understand Fedora Hubs and the contexts within which a meetup-like feature could be integrated.

  • Identify pain points of contributors around events and social activities within the Fedora community.


Success criteria

  • Identify the highest priority problems to work on

  • Propose possible solutions to those problems for the design and iteration phases.

(4 minute read)

Company: The Fedora Project


Role: Lead Interaction Designer


Artifacts: Flowcharts, Sketches, Mockups, Prototypes



  • Create and iterate on sketches and wireframes based on the problems defined in the research and analysis phase

  • Use low and medium-fidelity prototypes to identify development and user roadblocks.


Success Criteria

  • Stakeholder agreement on the direction of the design project

  • Interitive improvements to address user pains during usability testing

(7 minute read)

Company: ASM


Role: UX Consultant

Artifacts: Mockups, Before & After screenshots

Goals: Improve usability of accounting section of internal software.

Success Criteria: Stakeholders agree that the work should be usability tested with existing users.


(5 minute read)

Company: VA Center for Innovation


Role: Volunteer Interaction Designer


Artifacts: Whiteboard, Redesigned forms




  • Redesign the PTSD forms to better support the veterans who need to fill them out.

  • Inform veterans who do not need to fill them out

  • Include instructions where they are relevant, rather than all at the top.


Success Criteria:

Provide the VA with options for improving the usability of their forms.

(5 minute read)

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