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About Me

Photo of a short-haired middle-aged white woman
At Work

Hi, I'm Suzanne!


I am a self-taught user experience researcher with a background in Linux quality assurance, a master's degree in social psychology, and a bachelor's degree in computer science.

My career has consistently focused on humans and technology, whether it's about preventing bugs from affecting customers, my work in psychology with facial expressions, or my work with human-robot interaction. I am driven to learn what people need, how best to support them, and what current tools and processes are available. I also enjoy working with others to share what I know and gain their perspectives and experiences.


I am passionate about using UX and user research to make websites and mobile apps accessible to everyone. The web should be for everyone, not just those with access to high-speed internet, or those who are able to quickly and easily both see, hear, and interact with the available content.


At Play

I enjoy taking care of our garden, indoor and outdoor fish, and our two cats.  I also play computer games, and am currently playing on and running a Linux-based Eco server.

During the summer, I am often outdoors exploring nearby wooded areas. Sometimes this is in a kayak, and sometimes on foot.

When I have the time and money, I love to travel. In part, this is to see friends and family, and in part to explore places different from my home surroundings.

I've learned to scuba dive in Honduras, swam with dolphins in Florida, and spent a couple of months wandering around the south western US. I've also been to Australia a couple of times and was in Spain as a young teenager as part of an immersion program.

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